Fireworks Sales Toronto Ontario Canada

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Canada's Best Fireworks

  • Large Sparklers (70cm  28inch)

    Large Sparklers (70cm 28inch)

    REG $7.50 NOW $5.65

    Our largest sparkler 70cm 8 per pack

    Buy 10 packs and get 2 more for free

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  • Ballistic


    REG $50.00 NOW $25.00

    A barrage with 63 Shots of large red, green, yellow, blue, white and crackling stars.

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  • Shazam


    REG $35.00 NOW $17.50

    A multishot cake with 16 shots of white tails to red bursts and green tails to green bursts

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  • Coaster Mayhem

    Coaster Mayhem

    REG $385.00 NOW $288.75

    A selection of premium pro-series

    Rolling Thunder, Leviathan, G-Force, Vertical Velocity, Black Mamba, Cork Screw

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  • Black Dragon

    Black Dragon

    REG $90.00 NOW $45.00

    A multishot cake with 36 shots of coloured peonies, crackling peonies flashing peonies and willows

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Fireworks Sales Toronto Ontario Canada

Victory Fireworks is Canada’s leading retailer and wholesaler of top quality fireworks at the best possible prices, factory direct to you everyday through our showroom and online store...
Victory Fireworks - Canada's Best Fireworks
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Back by popular demand.....
A Powerhouse Premium Pro-Series Selection

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Black Mamba small    Corkscrew small    G Force small    Vertical Velocity small    Leviathan small    Rolling Thunder small

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We offer retail fireworks at wholesale prices for Canada.  We are Canada’s largest fireworks retailer and wholesaler, so if you are looking for the best possible pricing on fireworks and related products you have come to the right place.

With our online shopping we offer shipping anywhere throughout Canada.  If your order is over $350 (before taxes) we pay for the shipping.  (Beyond Destination charges may apply in some cases).   Shipping costs on all other orders is $60 plus taxes.

Victory Fireworks Inc., carries an extensive selection of today’s best fireworks and Fireworks wholesale. We sell our Fireworks Products in Fireworks Toronto, Fireworks Ontario, or anywhere in Fireworks Canada.

We are located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada in Richmond Hill, and supply many people across Canada.

Fireworks Sales Toronto Ontario - Canada

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Back by popular demand.....
A Powerhouse Premium Pro-Series Selection

Coaster Mayhem small

    Black Mamba small      Corkscrew small      G Force small   

Vertical Velocity small
    Leviathan small    Rolling Thunder small


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Vulcan 70 Shot Barrage

Shoots 70 Multi-coloured stars to 80 feet

$28.00  $21.00

70 Shot Crackling

70 Very loud and impressive crackling stars

$30.00  $22.50


56 Shots of Strobing, multi-coloured and crackling floral bursts

$55.00  $41.25


A barrage of loud silver crackling stars and silver spinning bees

$55.00  $41.25

Crackling Thunder

A single Crackling Thunder
A crackling tail to a bang

$2.50  $1.90

Whistle Bomb

A single Whistle Bomb
Loud whistle with tail & bang

$2.50  $1.90

Short Circuit

30 Coloured zigzagging comets  

$55.00  $41.25

Hell Breaks Loose

35 Shots of whistles to coloured and buzzing stars

$60.00  $45.00


37 Shots of whistles and colour bursts  

$60.00  $45.00


36 Large red, blue and green peonies with loud crackling 

$65.00  $48.75

Blue It Up

35 Shots of blue & gold glitter mines with brocade blue star bursts

$65.00  $48.75

Jack Frost

36 Shots of gold tails to crackling rain

$71.00  $53.25


36 Shots of large brocade crowns with crackling stars

$73.00  $54.75

Wake The Neighbours

25 Shots of rising spinning whistles, falling leaves and brocades

$83.00  $62.25


35 Shots of green crackling and strobing bursts and spiraling screamers

$84.00  $63.00

Grim Reaper

36 Shots of spinning bees to palm tree bursts

$93.00  $69.75


60 Shots of red, green, blue and yellow zig-zagging whistling comets

$100.00  $75.00

Wicked Witch

60 Shots of red and white falling leaves to crackling chrysanthemums

$100.00  $75.00

Sapphire Knight

A large blue and green floral burst

$18.00  $13.50

Golden Rain Willow

A large golden willow floral burst  

$18.00  $13.50

Staff Picks

Strobing Stars

36 Large red and green flashing twinking bursts

$80.00  $60.00

Hard Core

25 Shots of blue tails to blue, red and brocade crown bursts

$56.00  $42.00


36 Shots of red, green and white glittering bursts, purple and green bursts, time rain bursts

$70.00  $52.50

Royal Burst

7 Shots of white glittering mine brocades to brocade crowns with glitter

$35.00  $26.25

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