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Roman Candles

Roman Candles shoot flaming balls or stars into the sky, one at a time, with a pause between each shot.

Roman candles are a favourite for kids to watch.  They like to count the stars as they shoot through the sky. Some Roman candles have special effects such as crackling stars, flying fish, glittering tails, and popping stars. They are great to add duration to your display.

 Remember, these items are NOT to be held in the hand. They must be buried in the ground.

Not used properly, they can be dangerous.


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10 Ball Rainbow Candle

10 Shots of red, green, blue, yellow and silver stars

$3.00  $2.25

Transformation Candle

10 Shots of red stars changing to green stars

$4.25  $3.20

Sky Storm

10 Shots of crackling comets

$5.25  $3.95

Screaming Banshee

6 Shots of screaming whistling ghosts.

$8.00  $6.00

African Lion

6 Spinning and buzzing stars.

$8.00  $6.00


5 Crackling waves of strobing stars.

$12.00  $9.00

Power Surge

5 Huge colourful crackling and strobing stars.

$12.00  $9.00


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