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Lighting Devices

Lighting Devices are used to aid with the ignition of a firework.

It is very difficult to light fireworks with a match or lighter because the wind blows these tools out too easily. Some people use a BBQ lighter while others use a punk or a Victory Torch. The Victory Torch is great because it always has a shooting flame.

The remote system allows the user to shoot the fireworks from a distance.

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Use this punk to light your fireworks.
Lasts for 45 minutes.


Victory Torch (Lighting Device)

A 20 minute road flare on a stick.
No bending required.


Remote Firing System

A remote firing system with 12 shots.
Includes 20 Talon clips.


Talon Ignitor Clips (2m) (Pack of 20)

A 20 pack of 2m Talon Ignitor clips.



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