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Brand: Victory
Product Code: 24EP005
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$154.00  $115.00

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Manufacturers' Suggested Retail Price $154.00
Victory Discounted Price $115.00
A kit offering a little bit of a kick with some extra noise

Air Bomb Single sky banger, Very loud
Cherry Bomb Loud detonation at 35 feet
Sky Storm
10 Crackling stars with tails
African Lion 6 Buzzing whistling stars 
Asteroids 35 Crackling bursting comets
Colt 45 27 Gold, silver & crackling comets, 3 Reports
Canadian Dust
Barrage of 30 red and white stars
Red Palm
Red palm tree burst with crackling
Purple Rain Purple floral burst with flashing stars
Crackle Power
Crackling tail to crackling floral burst
Dragon Fire
A rising red comet
A purple tail to purple wave
A spray of red green, silver and crackling stars
Crackling Cascade
9 Crackling tails to crackling bursts
Spinning Rage
5 Shots of silver spinners, 4 colour bursts


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