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Bangs & Whistles

Sound Shells (Noise Makers) are small spiked items that produce a loud detonation and sometimes have an added effect like crackling, whistling, or bright flash.  These are the loudest fireworks available in Canada.

One or more Sound Shells can be ignited at the start of a fireworks display as a call to spectators, letting them know the show is about to begin.

Use intermittently, throughout the display for added noise, or ignite at the same time as an item that is more visual in nature.

There are several different Noisemakers with varying small visual effects to spread throughout the fireworks display.

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Air Bomb

A single Air Bomb.
A loud aerial detonation.

$2.50  $1.90

Air Bomb (24 Pack)

A package of 24 Air Bombs.
A loud detonation.

$60.00  $30.00

Cherry Bomb

A single Cherry Bomb.
A loud aerial detonation.

$2.50  $1.90

Crackling Bomb

A single Crackling Bomb.
A crackling tail to a bang.

$2.50  $1.90

Whistle Bomb

A single Whistle Bomb.
Loud whistle with tail & bang.

$2.50  $1.90

Whistling Mini Air Bomb (6 pack)

A miniature style air bomb.
A whistle to a bang.

$6.00  $4.50

Whistling Mini-Air Bomb (Brick of 144)

A Brick of 144 pieces of Mini-Air Bombs.

$144.00  $90.00

Banger Assortment

A combination of 4 different bangers.

$10.00  $7.50

Crazy Cracklers (3 pack)

A loud continuous crackling for almost 2 minutes.

$12.00  $9.00


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