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Victory Fireworks 45 Sims Cr. Richmond Hill Ontario L4B1C9 Canada

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Victory Fireworks is Canada’s leading retailer and wholesaler of top quality fireworks at the best possible prices, factory direct to you everyday through our showroom and online store...

Victory Fireworks Inc. 45 Sims Crescent - Richmond Hill - Ontario - L4B1C9 - Canada

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10am - 5pm
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70 Shot Crackling

70 Very loud and impressive crackling stars

$30.00  $22.50


56 Shots of Strobing, multi-coloured and crackling floral bursts

$55.00  $41.25


A barrage of loud silver crackling stars and silver spinning bees

$55.00  $41.25

Cherry Bomb

A single Cherry Bomb
A loud aerial detonation

$2.50  $1.90

Whistle Bomb

A single Whistle Bomb
Loud whistle with tail & bang

$2.50  $1.90

Banger Assortment

A combination of 4 different bangers

$10.00  $7.50


25 Shots of colour bursts with flying fish

$55.00  $41.25


37 Shots of whistles and colour bursts  

$60.00  $45.00


36 Large red, blue and green peonies with loud crackling 

$65.00  $48.75


40 Red and white strobing peonies

$70.00  $52.50

Wake The Neighbours

25 Shots of rising spinning whistles, falling leaves and brocades

$83.00  $62.25


35 Shots of green crackling and strobing bursts and spiraling screamers

$84.00  $63.00

Wicked Witch

60 Shots of red and white falling leaves to crackling chrysanthemums

$100.00  $75.00

Golden Rain Willow

A large golden willow floral burst

$18.00  $13.50

Shotgun Shell

Very loud spray of banging crackers

$3.50  $2.65

Staff Picks

Black Dragon

36 Shots of coloured peonies, crackling peonies, flashing peonies and willows

$90.00  $67.50


36 Large red, blue and green peonies with loud crackling 

$65.00  $48.75

BEM Jubilee

36 Shots of blue tails to blue stars with gold glitter, blue tails to red stars with silver glitter

$80.00  $60.00

Cork Screw

9 Shots of floral bursts and silver spinners.
A premium Powerhouse pro-series cake.

$26.00  $19.50