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Victory Fireworks is Canada’s leading retailer and wholesaler of top quality fireworks at the best possible prices, factory direct to you everyday through our showroom and online store...

Victory Fireworks Inc. 45 Sims Crescent - Richmond Hill - Ontario - L4B1C9 - Canada

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Two Four

24 Shots of crackling tails to crackling willows and coloured stars

$44.00  $33.00

Royal Brocade

19 shots of gold tails to brocade bursts and coloured stars

$45.00  $33.75

Whiskey Tango

20 Shots of crackling tails to coloured and crackling bursts

$46.00  $34.50

Lock Down

 25 Shots of coloured tails bursting to coloured stars and crackling

$46.00  $34.50


25 Red tails to gold crackling bursts

$55.00  $41.25

Hard Core

25 Shots of blue tails to blue, red and brocade crown bursts

$56.00  $42.00

Act of Valour

35 shots of coloured and crackling tails to bursting time rain

$70.00  $52.50


36 Shots of coloured tails bursting to coloured waves

$70.00  $52.50

Glittering Brocades

30 Shots of brocade crown mines to gold brocade crowns with gold strobing

$70.00  $52.50

Canadian Parachute Battalion

36 Parachutes with Canadian flags
A Daytime firework

$78.00  $58.50

Golden Eye

Golden wave to King Golden Crown  

$6.00  $4.50

Screaming Banshee

6 Shots of screaming whistling ghosts

$8.00  $6.00

African Lion

6 Spinning and buzzing stars

$8.00  $6.00


5 Crackling waves of strobing stars

$12.00  $9.00

Bomb Bag

A foil bag that when squeezed expands and pops

$1.30  $0.65

Bomb Bag Bulk

A box of 72 bomb bags
A foil bag then when squeezed it expands and pops

$93.60  $46.80

Swirl 'N' Twirl

A spinning pinwheel emitting a shower of sparks with whistle

$6.50  $4.90

Saturn Wheel

Emits shower of sparks as it spins

$6.50  $4.90

Cake Fountain (2 Pack)

Especially designed to decorate cakes
Creates a sparkling spray

$5.00  $3.75

Cake Fountain (144 Pack)

Especially designed to decorate cakes or bottles
Creates a sparkling spray

$338.40  $225.00

Staff Picks

Vertical Velocity

36 Shots of loud whistles with large coloured bursts.
A premium Powerhouse pro-series cake.

$72.00  $54.00

Electric Storm

A long lasting fountain spray

$21.00  $15.75

The Beast

49 Shots of coloured tails, coloured bursts, flashing bursts, willows and crackling bursts

$119.00  $89.25

Freak Out

8 Shots of red tails to silver chrysanthemums and 8 shots of green tails to gold chrysanthemums

$40.00  $30.00