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Victory Fireworks 45 Sims Cr. Richmond Hill Ontario L4B1C9 Canada

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Victory Fireworks is Canada’s leading retailer and wholesaler of top quality fireworks at the best possible prices, factory direct to you everyday through our showroom and online store...

Victory Fireworks Inc. 45 Sims Crescent - Richmond Hill - Ontario - L4B1C9 - Canada

Open daily 9am-10pm
July 2-4 9am-5pm
Curbside pickup or instore shopping available
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Crackling Thunder

A single Crackling Thunder
A crackling tail to a bang

$2.50  $1.90

Royal Burst

7 Shots of white glittering mine brocades to brocade crowns with glitter

$35.00  $26.25


7 Shots of silver whirling flowers bursting to blue green dahlias

$35.00  $26.25

Gold Rush

19 Shots of coloured tails to gold palm bursts

$55.00  $41.25

Gender Reveal (Pink)

30 Shots of pink mines to pink floral bursts with finale

$60.00  $45.00

Gender Reveal (Blue)

30 Shots of blue mines to blue floral bursts with finale

$60.00  $45.00

Gold Palm

25 Shots of tails to coloured bursts and gold palms

$60.00  $45.00

Brocade Crown (BEM)

25 Coloured tails to silver brocade crowns

$60.00  $45.00

Wild Thing

25 Coloured tails to coloured crackling peonies

$60.00  $45.00


36 Shots of red, green and white glittering bursts, purple and green bursts, time rain bursts

$70.00  $52.50


36 Shots of red tail to red dahlia white glitter, red coconut tail to red coconut crackling

$70.00  $52.50

Shimmering Brocade

30 Shots of gold palm mines to gold palm bursts and gold glitters

$70.00  $52.50

BEM Jubilee

36 Shots of blue tails to blue stars with gold glitter, blue tails to red stars with silver glitter

$80.00  $60.00

Colour Peony

A coloured floral burst with a bang

$8.00  $6.00

Red Peony

A streaking red tail to a red burst and a bang

$8.00  $6.00

Green Peony

A streaking green tail to a green burst and a bang

$8.00  $6.00

Silver Palm

Shoots a silver tail with a palm tree like burst

$8.00  $6.00

Strobe Light (6 pack)

A strobing effect in three different colours

$3.00  $2.25

School on Fire

School crackles and burns down

$7.00  $5.25

Staff Picks


36 shots of coloured and crackling peonies with tails

$95.00  $71.25

Coaster Mayhem

A selection featuring the premium Powerhouse pro-series cakes

$385.00  $288.75

Blue Hawaii

25 Shots of large sea blue palm trees

$45.00  $33.75

Hard Core

25 Shots of blue tails to blue, red and brocade crown bursts

$56.00  $42.00